MC Cabelliño’s visit to MG sparks speculation about the end of his relationship with Vera Campos.famous

MC Cabelliño traveled to Belo Horizonte (MG) this weekend to attend the Salalah Festival on the Mineirón Promenade. A video shared by friends of the singer, including MC Leozin, shows the funk artist enjoying meeting musicians in the state of Minas Gerais. In addition to meeting the artist, Cabelliño must have found an old date in the city, as reported by his Instagram sub-celebrity profile.

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According to the account, the funk singer told the girl that he had separated from his “Vai Na Fe” co-star Vera Campos, but did not disclose their current relationship status.

The profile also shared a photo of the location where the girl was scheduled to meet, including a room number and a receipt for a car application. Extras have reached out to advisors to MC Cabelliño and Vera Campos, but the artist’s position on the matter has not yet been responded to.

Bela Campos is dating funk artist MC Cabelliño — Photo: Instagram
Bela Campos is dating funk artist MC Cabelliño — Photo: Instagram

Images of a young woman who may have been with Cabelliño go viral on social media

A photo of the girl at the hotel reception and an old record of the two from when they were still there went viral on social networks this Sunday afternoon. In the same Instagram profile, the young law student confirmed her relationship with Cabelliño, saying it wasn’t her first time dating a funk artist and that she’d known her for over five years. It became clear.

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