MC Poze becomes a father again.The singer is expecting her fourth and fifth daughters at the same time

mac pose The youngest father of five children. It was recently confirmed that the artist will soon have another daughter.

pose awaits Jadebusinessman and Isabelle Pereiraanother girl and biomedical student whose name has not been disclosed Milena Rocha. She is pregnant at the same time, but neither has anything to do with the singer.

“It was my choice not to talk about paternity here because you already knew about the baby’s father and you came here. I don’t mean that, ”Milena declared on social networks. This young woman met the MC at a show in Minas Gerais, where she lives.

In another story published on Instagram, she explained: It’s no news to anyone that the woman is in bad shape, and we don’t want that either. As long as we can avoid criticism and take care of our own mental health and well-being, we will. ”

In addition to the girls, Mr. Poze is already the father of Julia, 4, Miguel, 3, and Laura, 2, the fruit of his marriage to his ex. Vivienne Noronha.

Isabelle Pereira
Isabelle Pereira (Credit: Reproduced/Instagram)
Milena Rocha
Milena Rocha (Credit: Reproduced/Instagram)

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