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McDonald's Is Offering A Limited Edition Big Mac Sauce And It's Free!

Do you like McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce? Then you’ll love the following! Their burger sauce is soon to hit the market.

Note for Big Mac sauce lovers. In a few days, McDonald’s is preparing to launch the sauce that made its reputation It is the best selling burger in the world.

McDonald’s continues to impress the gallery

Stars from all over the world are interested in McDonald’s. And this star is not dj snake who would say the opposite. Hence the music producer has recently decided to unite with the American firm.

In fact, the artist has Conceived a menu for famous brand, On this occasion, he gave a huge concert on the Champs Elysees for his fans.

A well-coordinated marketing campaign for the Yellow M brand and manufacturer. Thus the latter came to promote his new title West Side Story, her sorry my french clothing collection and the McDo menu named after him.

Available for 3 weeks from 20th June, Thus This Macado Menu Contains His Favorite Dishes Of the sign It’s none other than double cheese, fries, a sugar-free coke and a caramel sundae.

Thus DJ Snake has become the first French artist to be entitled to his own menu. In the United States, music stars such as rappers Travis Scott, J Balvin or even Cardi B and Offset are already Invited to fantasize their menu.

“We are proud to offer this creative universe specially developed for the occasion. This groundbreaking collaboration is the union of two pop culture icons. Thibault Kuhlmann and Xavier Mawelek declare, Managing Director and Managing Director and Deputy General of Universal Music.

Legendary Sauce

In addition to DJ Snake, McDonald’s fans recently got a chance to see the new sauce on their menu. In fact, since the beginning of June the brand has It was decided to market the new sauce.

If the Big Mac is part Among the most consumed products at McDonald’s, it is undoubtedly for its double layer but also for its famous chutney. But unfortunately this sauce is not sold individually in restaurants.

That’s why McDonald’s has decided to offer it to French consumers. and intended to present the latter in the same way As Royal Deluxe and Big Tasty Sauce.

A few years ago, McDonald’s restaurants in France sold this sauce in individual pots. This time, the company offers said sauce and two more To please the maximum number of taste buds.

Initially, they were not Available only on the McDonald’s app. But, seeing the craze, they were immediately offered to those who came to eat on site.

McDonald's: Big news, limited edition Big Mac sauce - article

McDonald’s: Big news, limited edition Big Mac sauce – article

McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce offered for sale

And because good news often hides bad news, McDonald’s has decided to start selling in the market. Big Mac Sauce, Eh yes!

starting today, you can Get the Real Big Mac Sauce Your house Sold in limited edition, the latter may not last long.

From 4th July and for the first time in Belgium, Famous fast food chain markets Big Mac sauce in a bottle. A first one!

For a chance to have it in your fridge, visit one of the McDonald’s restaurants in Belgium. For any order from the menu, McDonald’s will give you a 250 ml bottle. Here’s a good plan!

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