Meat, the Ministry of Health reports the withdrawal of some lots: this is the reason

The Ministry of Health has reported the withdrawal of some batches of a well-known food product. It is a well-known type of meat

Yesterday the notice of the withdrawal of some batches of a well-known meat product was published on the website of the Ministry of Health. The reason concerns a microbiological non-compliance: the recall is therefore due to a microbiological risk. In addition to the microbiological risk, recalls can occur due to a chemical or physical risk. In the last few days, for example, we had reported the recall for physical risk of the sauce Zero Sauce0% Sweet Chili Sauce. In some of these packages, due to the presence of lactic acid bacteria, a swelling potentially dangerous for human health could form.

On 22 September 2022, however, the Ministry of Health published a warning on the recall for chemical risk of some branded vanilla-based ice creams Häagen-Dazs. The reason concerned the possible presence in some of the packages of the reported lots of ethylene hydrochlorine or 2-chloroethanol. Just today, speaking of recall due to microbiological risk, we talked about the withdrawal of some batches of branded salmon and mayonnaise sandwiches The Merry Flavors. In this case, the possible presence of the listeria bacterium has been reported.

Meat, all the details on the lots withdrawn

The Ministry of Health has notified the recall by the operators of some batches of branded pork from Ariccia Iperal High Quality Selections. The name or business name of the FBO in whose name the product is marketed is: Iperal SpA supermarkets The production batch withdrawn is V233557. The factory / manufacturer identification mark is CE IT 1019L. The manufacturer’s name is “Prosciuttificio San Michele SRL“.

The headquarters of the plant is located in the municipality of Lesignano de ‘Bagni, in the province of Parma. The expiry date or minimum storage term is set for October 14, 2022. The weight / volume of the sales unit is 90 grams. The reason for the reported recall is “Microbiology non-compliance“. The operators have informed consumers who have purchased packages belonging to the reported batch not to consume them and to return them, as a precaution, to the point of sale where they bought them for replacement. This is all that has been communicated: in case to which further updates or clarifications should be communicated, we will immediately publish them on our site.

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