Mecole Hardman didn’t know he scored the winning touchdown

Mecole Hardman It wasn’t immediately known that he had made the game-ending touchdown catch. super bowl give kansas city chiefs He won his second consecutive championship.

No, the moment that hit the Chiefs wide receiver took a minute.

“I blacked out,” Hardman said after catching the ball. “I forgot we actually won the game.”

“I gave this guy a touchdown to end the game and he looked at me,” Mahomes said. “He didn’t know. I said, ‘Man, we just won the Super Bowl.’ I didn’t know. “He didn’t even celebrate at first. “

“Now it’s time to celebrate,” Hardman, 25, said with the title.

Hardman, a former Georgia Bulldogs player, had three catches for 57 yards.

Mahomes said it’s unclear who will be the hero, so why not Hardman? Hardman was drafted in 2019 and spent four years with the Chiefs before joining the New York Jets as a free agent this season. He caught just one pass with the Jets before returning to Kansas City.

“He’s always ready for this moment,” Mahomes said. “He’s a guy who keeps practicing hard and keeps getting better. “We interact with a lot of guys throughout the year. “

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