Media about the return of Krzysztof Pi ± tek. “It’s time to be an important figure” Soccer

Two years after leaving Milan and transferring to Hertha Berlin, the 26-year-old will play in Serie A again. On Friday, Fiorentina announced via social media that Krzysztof Piątek will spend the next six months at the club. His contract will also include an option to buy back after the season.

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Media writes about “replacement for Vlahovic”

The Italian branch of “Sky” television extensively commented on the arrival of Piątek.

“The pistol sight aimed at the center of the goal, ready to shoot. In this way, ACF Fiorentina officially announced the arrival of Piątek. Thus, Piątek returns to Serie A after two years of playing in the Bundesliga. In the Hertha Berlin jersey, the Polish striker scored 13 goals and 4 assists in 58 official appearances “- it was written. could not ignore this topic as well.

“Friday came to the club from Florence only as a replacement for Vlahovic.” Violets “announced the loan of a Pole from Hertha Berlin, posting on Twitter a hint in the form of a visor aimed at the center of the goal. This is a reference to the pseudonym of the striker – Il Pistolero. I wonder if Friday will be able to do so. to return to the level of Genoa. It is time for him to try to become an important figure again, “we read.

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LGdS: Friday will not be Vlahovic’s deputy

“La Gazzetta dello Sport” mentioned that Piątek is to be not only Vlahovic’s deputy.

“Friday, which was already in the summer of 2020, is more than Deputy Vlahovic, who will soon be leaving somewhere else anyway. Bringing someone like Friday immediately allows Fiorentina to be covered by everything that happens around Vlahovic,” it wrote.

Friday in FlorenceOfficially: Krzysztof Piątek in Fiorentina! He will be back in the game with the old number

The website revealed with which number Piątek will play in the new club.

“We will have to wait a few more hours for official information, while Fiorentina officially announced the new jersey number of Krzysztof Piątek’s new purple striker: the Pole chose No. 19, which is already worn in the past in his first season in Milan” – we read on the website.

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