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Arsene Wenger has been the head of the global development department of the world federation FIFA since November 2019. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about some of the ideas supported or initiated by the French. First of all, there was talk about the idea of ​​organizing the World Cup every two years. During the World Cup in Qatar, the idea of ​​semi-automatic burn detection will be tested. “As a result, the game will be paused less frequently. That’s something to be blamed for the VAR system,” explained Wenger.

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Mikel Arteta wants Arsene Wenger to return to Arsenal. “May he be closer to the club”

Mikel Arteta attended a press conference ahead of Arsenal’s next game against Newcastle as part of the Premier League’s 13th round. The trainer revealed that he was present at the premiere of “Arsene Wenger: Invincible” on November 11 this year and spoke to Arsene Wenger. “We talked on the occasion of the movie. It was amazing to see him again and talk to him. I hope we can get Wenger closer to Arsenal,” he said.

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The gunner’s coach did not want to reveal what role he would see the French in the London club. “I can’t talk about things like that. I just want him to be close to me and share his advice. But things like that take time. I think he would feel great at Arsenal because of the environment he would create around him. Everyone at the club feels good. respect, admiration and love for him are obvious “- added Arteta.

How did Wenger himself approach a potential return to Arsenal in early November? “I would be crazy to make such a decision. Now I am involved in working for FIFA and I want to finish it. For now I do not want to return to Arsenal, maybe at some stage I will become the national team coach” – said Wenger in an interview with Sky Sports. Arsene Wenger served as head coach of Arsenal’s first team from 1996 to 2018. The coach appeared on the bench in 1,224 official matches and won with the Gunners three England Championships, seven FA Cups and the same number of Community Shields.

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