MediaMarkt uses questionable practices prior to Black Friday. Be careful

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Consumers will surely be delighted.

It seems that really good promotions on the occasion of the Black Friday sales do not need to be additionally promoted in the media. Unfortunately, Black Friday in Poland often differs significantly from what consumers are used to in, for example, the United States. An example is the MediaMarkt chain of stores, which instead of overestimating some products, only “overestimates” them … increasing prices.

Black Friday pseudo promotions

All-round hitting ads, marketing gibberish and artificially high prices. This is Black Friday in Poland. Polish stores are not limited to just one day and often organize whole “weeks” of sales in order to extract as much money as possible from the pockets of Polish consumers. They often do so by resorting to outrageous practices.

User of the website with a pseudonym @ a665321 publicize how Black Friday works at Media Markt. “The Airpods Pro headphones cost PLN 919 yesterday” – he writes, then pastes the screenshot to the product card in the store. Price? PLN 949 is allegedly an attractive discount from the amount of PLN 1158. I confirm, the same sight found me at 12:35 when I visited the store’s website.

mediamarkt black friday


The price history in the search engine on confirms the anti-consumer operation of the store. The price history of Apple AirPods Pro with MWP22ZM / A wireless charging case is as follows:

  • June = 899 PLN
  • July = 919 PLN
  • August = 919 PLN
  • September = PLN 919
  • October = PLN 919
  • November = PLN 919

fake friday
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On the occasion of Black Friday, MediaMarkt raised the price by PLN 30, claiming that it was a great promotion. For the record, it is worth adding that the APPLE AirPods Pro headphones with the MagSafe MLWK3ZM / A charging case cost PLN 919 and are “discounted” at PLN 1199.

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Unfortunately, similar practices are allowed many shopsand MediaMarkt is no exception. For several years, Black Friday promotions in Poland have been looking worse and worse, and Polish consumers prefer to spend their money on foreign sales. And it should come as no surprise to anyone.

PS I predict that MediaMarkt will soon release a statement in response to the turmoil in the growing media “pricing error” or write something about “galloping inflation”, “minimum margin on products” and the like. We hear this from different retail chains every year. Alternatively, we won’t get a comment. No store has ever admitted to the purposefulness of its actions and to artificially inflating prices before Black Friday.

How not to get bogged down on Black Friday?

Check price history. It’s that simple. Price comparison websites popular on the web allow you to check the price history of a given product. This way, we’ll find out if the current Black Friday promotion is actually the best deal ever or an artificially inflated deal. Find out more by clicking on the link below:

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