MediaWorld launches the real, true, true, but really true Black Friday (continued)

In 2022, MediaWorld is focusing on irony when it comes to Black Friday promotions. In fact, net of the presence of Frank Matano as a face, after the end of the “first round” of promotions and following the Single’s Day, it has been renewed the so-called “true, true, true, but really true Black Friday”.

To the latter should be added the “continue”, since it is the “second round” of offers, active until November 16, 2022 (the former ended on November 9, 2022). In fact, on the official MediaWorld portal we read that “the real real real but really real offers continue“Who knows at this point what the chain will come up with over the next few weeks in terms of names.

Going beyond irony, the page dedicated to MediaWorld offers launched in this context highlights promotions on the most diverse product categories, from smartphones to smartwatchespassing through notebooks, TVs, gaming PCs, dryers, washing machines, tablets, drones, refrigerators and so on and so forth.

In this regard, among the discounts highlighted for the occasion there is a possible saving of 30.24% on the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone from 256GB, which is now sold at a price of 369 euros. Previously, the cost of the device was 529 euros. This means that the discount is 160 euros. For the other offers available, you may want to “drop by” on the MediaWorld portal.

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