“Medical Treatment Options. Inpatient” – Interview

IntraMed is pleased to offer this medical book to you in electronic form thanks to Interpharm Laboratories. Likewise, we share some questions posed specifically to one of its authors: Dr. Victor Lanchi Zúñiga.

“We learned what it means to go the extra mile and sacrifice. Most importantly, we understood that overcoming obstacles is possible, projects can be restructured, and there are people who need us. Out of this need, the idea for this book was born. Know that sometimes problems There are many, but few answers, and it is important to understand that beyond this situation there is a desire to improve and that recovery will follow the crisis.”Indicates books “Internal Medicine Protocol. Inpatient”written by Dr. Victor Ranch Zuniga and Dr. Karen Pamela Salango-Gonzalezin the text of his speech.

A material to be released in 2023, aimed at general practitioners, residents and medical students, as Lanchi mentioned, it was created to “Unifying the most common content found in hospitals into one book”, as there are many bibliographies. “Even though it’s just another book, it’s written in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.Add to.

Therefore, our goal is to make it a useful tool in teaching and solving the real-life problems of physicians with different conditions that require hospitalization.

In addition to presenting this book as a PDF, Internal Medicine Exclusively with PhD. Ranchi Zuniga About the common path between the content of this book and those aspects of his daily practice as a physician.

Victor Ranch Zuniga He is a General Practitioner at the University of Cuenca, an Internist at the University of Cuenca, a Master in Endocrinology at the University of Alcalá; a Master in Nutrition at the University of Guayaquil; and a Diploma in HIV/AIDS at the University of Guayaquil.

Likewise, he holds a teaching diploma from the University of UTPL and a teaching diploma from the Technical University of Machala; has received training in diabetes (FUEDIN); is an attending physician at Teófilo Dávila General Hospital.

How has the epidemiology of hospitalized patients changed in recent years?

Being bedridden, anxious, and lonely—no matter what the reason for your hospitalization—can exacerbate the illness that led to your admission. This is even more true with Covid-19.

What are the basic competencies required for a physician to practice medicine?

Get to know the patient, make the necessary contacts, analyze signs and symptoms, and work as a team in order to order tests and choose the best treatment.

What are the most common difficulties in managing hospitalized patients?

Beyond the severity itself, there is a lack of medicines and diagnostics in public hospitals. There is also a lack of attention and personnel to avoid complications of bed rest and anxiety.

What is the value of a standardized approach? What is the value of individual clinical judgment in each situation?

Protocols are pathways that can be used to facilitate diagnosis or treatment. It will improve clinical judgment related to patient pathology.

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