Medicine test, Marco Zenari surpasses everyone: his is the best score in Italy

Marco Zenari
Marco Zenari

He began to develop an interest in medicine a couple of years ago, although he had already understood his professional future in the scientific field for some time. But Marco Zenari19 years old from Mezzane di Sottoin the Veronese area, he would never have imagined to snatch a record even before starting the university course: the maximum score (90 out of 90) in the admission test to the University of Verona. Of course, the conditions were all there: fresh graduated with 100 and honors at the Copernicus high school of San Michele, Zenari faced the test with a certain ease without deluding himself. On the other hand, compared to a general performance that was certainly not brilliant (there were many unsuitable candidates, albeit in the face of an admission threshold of 33.9), Marco got all 60 questions right. «It was a surprise for me too – confesses the young student -, above all because I didn’t think I was doing my best. Let’s say it went well ».

The first doctor in the family

A few figures: September 6 was 785 candidates who took the test at Polo Zanottoand 1,131 those they had indicated Verona as a first choice. For just 225 places available. Throughout Italy, aspiring doctors were 56,775. And Marco would have done better than the others, both locally and nationally (the final ranking will come out today). Now the road can be said to be cleared: the young man from Verona will face the 5-6 years of studies, during which he will decide which specialist path to undertake. «I am mainly interested in immunology, neurology and endocrinology, of medicine linked to well-being, scientific activity and dietology. I’d rather do it in Italy, I love my country and I would like to continue working here ”he explains, without however excluding one or more stages abroad to refine his preparation. The (first) success of Marco Zenari takes on an even more particular meaning because no one else, among family members, he had never embarked on the path of medicine: mother language teacher, father company manager, Zenari will be the first white coat of the family. A great challenge. “I can not wait to start. However, I was sure that I was educated in scientific subjects, I have always liked biology, biotechnology, chemistry, mathematics and physics », she says.

“Even from a distance I have always followed the lessons”

But what was the most complex part of the admission test? “Understanding of the text, as well as general knowledge questions. With regard to biology, a complicated subject, I adopted the criterion of logical reasoning, and it was not particularly difficult to answer ». Exactly the opposite, however, to what happened to hundreds of other young people who failed the test. It is inevitable to think, in this sense, how much the two years of pandemic on the general education of students. Marco Zenari does not hide the difficulties experienced during Covid, «even if I have always followed every lesson, albeit from a distance. And kept up with the study: I ​​never turned on the computer to then get distracted or do anything else. Anyway pre lect by far the face-to-face lectures“. However, the pandemic phase was an occasion to reflect on the wave of skepticism regarding science, vaccines and medicine in general. “I am very sorry that a specialist doctor is questioned“, He says. And on the limited number for access to Medicine, Zenari reflects on the current situation in Italy: «If resources and investments are lacking, it is unavoidable. I believe – he concludes – that the government should invest more in schools, research and universities. Only in this way can the problem be overcome ».

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