Mediterranean vortex against Italy, let’s see how the forecasts for Saturday and Sunday change »

Weather Weekend: Mediterranean Vortex against Italy, let’s see how the forecasts change for Saturday and Sunday

First signs of a turning point at the turn of the weekendFirst signs of a turning point at the turn of the weekendA Mediterranean vortex will form over the course of the weekend which will cause a change in the weather on Italy, already between Saturday 8 And Sunday 9 when we will feel the first signs. And the latest update has changed things a bit, especially with regard to the areas that will be affected by this turning point.

The Anticyclone of the Azores, which since the beginning of this week has been enveloping Italy with its load of stability and unseasonal heat, is destined to lose energy soon under the pressure of a cyclonic circulation currently located off the Portuguese coast. In short, after a few days of atmospheric quiet, the door will open again to the ocean currents heralding clouds, rain and strong too temporal.

The first signs will already be noticed Saturday 8 in the form of a greater cloudiness mainly borne by Sardinia and part of the Northwest, while on the rest of the country the sun will continue to dominate the scene, shining in the most veiled skies.

The most noticeable change will happen Sunday 9 when a real unstable forehead it will hit some sectors of our country vehemently. Given the thermal contrasts and the convergence between different air currents, we do not exclude the risk, in some cases, of strong temporal.
Under observation will be much of the Po Valley, then also on the alpine and pre-alpine sectors. Subsequently, the weather will worsen strongly on Sardinia and, by evening, also on most of the central Tyrrhenian side, with thunderstorms that could also reach the city of Rome.

This will be the prelude to the net change of the expected time that awaits us with the start of the next week when you complete the training of the vortex with consequences that could also be heavy on our country.
One thing is certain: we will pass from a tail blow of the Summer to a decidedly autumnal phase. On the other hand we are now in the middle of the first decade of October and these sudden changes are to be considered normal.

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