Medrano confirms Chicharito has closed with Chivas

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The news released by the famous broadcaster of TV Azteca will excite more than one Guadalajara fan.

David Medrano reveals latest news on Chicharito and Chivas:
© Image 7David Medrano reveals latest news on Chicharito and Chivas: “It’s done”

As the days continue to pass, Chivas Regal continues to not announce any signings. Chicharito Hernandez As a reinforcement for the 2024 autumn league, many fans have begun to wonder whether this historical scorer will return home, so the correspondent David MedranoDetails of negotiations between clubs and football players.

A few weeks ago, people learned The two sides are in talks and are interested in sharing their paths even if Representative Javier Hernandez travels to Pearl of the West Details are being finalized, but no word yet.

That’s why Aztec TV Communicator, David Medrano Posting an update on the negotiations, the former Real Madrid and Manchester United striker assured that they were concluded and to his satisfaction The game will be played in Guadalajaraas they reached agreement in all areas.

“in the case of Chicharo Hernandez, everyone asked, the only thing missing was a signature. However, since Javier is currently in the recovery stage and unable to participate in the game, Neither Javier nor Chivas are in a hurry; But it’s done, it’s done.

“The conditions were set, everything was ready for the demo, just the signature was missing. Agreed time, amount, percentage, what the sponsoring brand can contribute when selling something, everything is related to Chicharo, closed”, he assured in a broadcast on YouTube.

When will Chivas face the Tigers in the 2024 Spring League?

Guadalajara’s first game of the tournament will be against a formidable opponent like Tigres, with a showdown to follow Sunday, Jan. 21, at University Stadium Field 6pm Central Mexico Time.

When will Chicharito make his debut with Chivas at Clausura 2024?

The striker will be in the final stages of his recovery, so if the four-week period expires, JAvier Hernández could debut the week of February 4-10Rebaño will face Atletico San Luis, who will face later Hamilton Forge at Concachampions They will then host Juarez.

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