Meet Freshlyground South African musical group that has already partnered with Shakira

The musical group Freshlyground was formed in 2002 in Cape Town, capital of South Africa, a country located in the extreme south of the African continent.

Freshlygroud transits between the musical genres Folk Rock, Afropop, Jazz, Indie Rock, Blues and also inserts in his songs touches of Kwela style, traditional South African music.

The group was formed by vocalist Zolani Mahola, who in addition to being a singer, is an actress and storyteller. She was born on July 19, 1981, in the city of Port Elizabeth. The musician participated in the musical ensemble until the year 2019, when she announced her departure to pursue a solo career.

The flutist Simon Attwell is still in the Musical Ensemble, who also makes arrangements with the Angolan musical instrument Kisanji and with the harmonica. On drums is Peter Cohen. Kyla-Rose Smith on violin. Julio Sigauque on guitar. Josh Hawks on bass and vocals, and Seredeal Scheepers on piano, percussion and vocals.

The group’s first album, titled Jika Jika, was released in 2003, and in 2004 they released the album Numvula. In 2006, the Musical Ensemble participated in the opening ceremony of the world cup in Germany, during the announcement of the 2010 world cup, which would be held in South Africa.

In 2007, the group released the album Ma’cheri. In 2010, the group released its last album, Rádio África. That year, in partnership with singer Shakira, they produced and released the 2010 world cup song, Waka Waka – This Time For Africa.

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