Meet IMVU: A Social Network Where You Can Create Your Character

IMVU is a “metaverse” chat program where you can create a 3D avatar to chat with various people around the world. In addition, it is possible to have fun with animated scenes. You can also use IMVU games to make friends. The great advantage of this social network is that it allows its users to become content creators, since they are responsible for the information displayed on their homepage, avatar, scenarios, style, among other features.

In IMVU the posting of “selfies” does not exist. Thus, users can feel free of any aesthetic pressure and enjoy having fun with each other while playing in the network universe. Although the popularity of this software is not very big in Brazil, its fame has grown worldwide.

The program was developed in 2004 in California by Eric Ries, Matt Danzig, Will Harvey, and Marcus Gosling. Its subsidiary is StayUp Inc.

How to use IMVU

Creating your IMVU account is quite simple: first, just go to the site and select a character with the features you want (which can be a lot of fun). You can choose from several categories that will dictate the style of your avatar. They are wedding, summer, fantasy, choice of IMVU (random character), gothic/dark, fairy / furry and urban. Initially, you should choose a character displayed in one of the categories. However, once your registration is complete, you can change your preferences.

After choosing your character, you will need to create your IMVU account. Enter data such as your nickname, password, date of birth, among others.

Meet people on IMVU

You can access IMVU chat rooms or select individual profiles to meet people in the program. Besides ensuring a fun, the software lets you learn new languages, learn about other cultures and make friends.

To join a chat room just click “Home” and then “Chat Rooms”. Each room displays the people who are present in it at that time. By clicking on one of them, you can view your profile and information.

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