Meet the designer mexican behind the suits of an astronaut, SpaceX

After a failed attempt, today will be launched the capsule Dragon Crew of the NASA, a joint project with the company of Elon Musk, SpaceX, causing a sensation among the spectators, as this will be the first time that a private service of transport space you try to put two astronauts in orbit.

But in addition to feeling that has led to this historical fact, have transcended the suits with the Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, the astronauts in charge of this mission, to travel to space, since they are be a design of a well-known dressmaker mexican, who has designed several of the costumes of superheroes of tapes as “Captain America” or “Wonder Woman”.

space suits

Photo: Instgram @Ironhead_studio and @spaceX

Suits normally used by the NASA astronauts are orange, and very distant to the designs we now use Doug and Bob on this trip. The ‘starman’ as they are known to these locker rooms, they are like taken out of a science fiction movie, and are known as a ‘tuxedo’ to travel into space.

According to Vogue magazine, the mexican José Fernández was selected from among several by the owner, a millionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk, to craft these amazing outfits, which well look impressive, and to replace the classic costumes pumpkin of the past decade of NASA, are able to maintain the oxygen for the astronauts to return safely to Earth, in case of a failure.


Photo: El Universal / Via BBC

After the mexican presented his proposal to the entrepreneur, began working on the ‘starman’ in a study called Ironhead, which together with other engineers managed to make the suit, in addition, to ensure sufficient oxygen, can regulate the temperature of their carriers.

SpaceX engineers have also called to these teams ‘costumes seat’, because they say that they function as part of the ship, through a cable that attaches to the seats and allows for communication and passage of air.

Now fans of the science and preheating system-fiction you can see one of his dreams come true with these costumes, to see a man in space wearing a costume identical to the one that we have seen in the cinemas, thanks to Fernández


Photo: Instgram @Ironhead_studio and @spaceX

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