Meet the goalscorer who gave Colombia a World Cup dream

Katarina Usme is the top scorer for the Colombian women’s football team. In addition to the brand, the leadership of today’s captains has inspired entire nations to dream of flying higher.

The name ‘Kata’ resonates throughout Colombia for this striker’s goal in the World Cup. The first goal came in the team’s first tournament appearance against South Korea, which the South American team won 2-0. Linda Caicedo in second scored a goal by the rising star of the women’s national team.

He didn’t score against Germany, but he showed why he wore an armband. Before she took the field, she told her teammates they shouldn’t be intimidated in front of a favorite, and she said it was important “a year and a half” after winning 2-1 in the end. said. ” To the fact that the rival was a European powerhouse team.

“We are 11-11. From top to bottom, we are doing well,” the captain told reporters after the game.

Katarina Usmeh scored the lone goal in the Round of 16 match against Jamaica on Tuesday. Uniform number 11, which perfectly controlled Ana Aguilar’s cross in the area, poured it into the back of the goal and shouted the long-awaited goal. And she cried once, twice, thrice.

Usume, 33, knelt on the lawn. His goal gave Colombia a historic win and a place they had never been before at the Women’s World Cup.

“We came here to play seven finals and have already played four,” said the striker. He now has a goal of beating England and making it to the final.

top scorer in the country

Catalina Usme was born on December 25, 1989 in Marinilla, Antioquia, one of the birthplaces of football in Colombia.

She knows how to turn around. He also runs, puts pressure on rivals and scores goals. And he has scored so many goals that his national team resume already has him 52 goals, of which he is the national team’s all-time top scorer. The Colombian also tops the Libertadores Feminina list of top scorers with 30 goals.

In addition to scoring a goal at the 2023 World Cup, Usme secured Colombia’s place in the last 16 of the Women’s World Championship with a 2-0 win over France in the 2015 group stage. Cups up to this issue.

But her story with football begins before she was even born. His father had already bought soccer balls when the children were still in his mother’s womb.

“Before I was born, my mother said to him, ‘What if it was a girl?'” Usume recalled in an interview with FIFA. A little prank actually happened.

Katarina Usume in the group stage match between Colombia and South Korea
Katarina Usume in group stage duel between Colombia and South Korea/James Chance/Getty Images

But his story was not an easy one. She has been playing soccer since she was young, but the truth is that she had to defend her passion for soccer.

“When I was a kid, there was a moment that I remember very well, and I said to my mother, ‘I want to be a professional soccer player. Her answer was, “Daughter, women’s football does not exist.” And I: “What do you mean?” If I play, it must exist, ”says the Colombian.

And it was quite a challenge to make it actually exist. After she left school, she says she got a job when she had time to train. Thus he started playing professionally, going on to clubs such as Formas Intimus, Independiente Santa Fe and finally becoming one of the stars of America de Cali.

Usume was one of the pioneers of women’s professional football in Colombia and, despite the difficulties for women, recognizes that things are very different now.

“Football in our country has changed a lot. At first it was just my family there. Now people are watching women’s football,” she told FIFA. “One of the reasons I stayed in Colombia was because I wanted to see football grow in my country,” said the goalscorer.

Now, in addition to the legend of a goal celebrated by an entire nation, the captain does not hesitate to lead his team to victory. “This team can go further.”

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