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Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni had a meeting with Fi leader Silvio Berlusco this morning in Milanni. “I saw Berlusconi, I am optimistic,” said Meloni, upon his arrival at the Coldiretti Village in Milan.

An interview that took place “in an atmosphere of great collaboration and unity of purpose“. The two leaders” reiterated their satisfaction with the affirmation of the center-right in the political elections and took stock of the current political situation “, continues the note from the two parties. Meloni and Berlusconi then examined the most urgent dossiers at the agenda, starting with dear energy. The two leaders then discussed the next institutional steps in view of the convening of the next Parliament and “shared the need for Italy to need a high-profile government, capable of dealing with the serious emergencies facing the country “.

The presence in the Coldiretti village set up inside the Sempione park is the first public appearance of the leader of the Brothers of Italy after the victory in the political elections. Ignazio La Russa welcomed her with a delegation from Coldiretti. Meloni entered the tensile structure set up, applauded by those present. On his arrival from the audience there were also shouts of encouragement and some “good”.

“You know that in recent days I have chosen to limit public outings to dedicate myself body and soul to addressing the most urgent dossiers – said Giorgia Meloni -. If we are called to govern this nation it is clear from the outset that we plan to give effective and immediate to the main problems “. “The goal is to return an industrial strategy to this nation that has not had it for some time”.

The issue is not how to compensate for gas speculation but how to stop it, said Meloni again speaking to Coldiretti. “Our compass is not to disturb those who want to do it. The wealth is made by workers and businesses, the state must enable them to produce it”. “Italy must return to defending its interest in order to find common solutions”.

“Italy must return to defense of its interest in finding common solutions“, said the leader of FdI.

Giorgia Meloni summarizes her idea of ​​government speaking at the Coldiretti event in Milan, reaffirming a basic concept: “We will not do it alone, we will involve the intermediate bodies”. And explaining the need for “food sovereignty” to make the country self-sufficient in this sector as well.

“There are three major issues on agri-food, the first is environmental, social and economic sustainability: we want to defend the environment with man inside”. “The issue of protection is the second issue, that is quality, defense of the brand and supply chains – he adds -. Food sovereignty is the third issue, and it is central: they told us that free trade without rules would have made us all richer, but it did not happen, the wealth is concentrated upwards and we have weakened, we depend on everyone for everything “.

“I am following the work of the outgoing government – so Giorgia Meloni -, I trust that there are and that there will be the margins to develop a solution that in any case will have an impact on energy costs in a few months. The work that must be done in these hours is to understand how we can in the meantime intervene on the energy costs of this autumn, we cannot afford to go on as in recent months. I think this is the primary responsibility of the future government and we are committed to working on this “.

“There Lega is committed to guaranteeing Italy a high-profile government quickly – so a note from the League – and to deal with the emergency bills. Expensive energy is a problem that Matteo Salvini has been denouncing for months, and also in light of what is happening in Europe, he will be the next executive to have to intervene quickly to protect families and businesses “.

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