Mega Man X Dive for iOS and Android Announced by Capcom with a Trailer

Mega Man X Dive

Capcom has officially announced with a Mega Man X Dive trailer, a new mobile action RPG for iOS and Android devices based on the famous series.

Mega Man X Dive was announced by Capcom for iOS and Android devices: it is a free action RPG mobile downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. 

At the moment officialized only for the Asian market, but destined in all likelihood to be distributed evenly in the West, Mega Man X Dive was shown with a first trailer which, albeit briefly, highlights some interesting mechanics and stylistically faithful graphics to the main series. 

After the success of Mega Man 11, in short, the Osaka house is preparing to re-launch its famous android also in the mobile field with a title of which very little is known, but which could surprise fans. 

We hope that the announcement of a European release date for Mega Man X Dive will not be late.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.



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