Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood: “It’s our ritual”

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood.

It would be a real one ritual of the couplewhich left room for so much uproar and indignation.

She admits it herself, declaring in an interview for the Glamor Uk newspaper: “Let’s drink each other’s blood“.

It would also not be the first time that Fox has made such statements. To many, this is really disgusting and they find their ritual enough perverse and macabre.

Megan Fox, “Let’s drink our blood with the goblet”

Despite the scandal aroused, he notes it actress he wanted to point out the question.

In fact, he added (with a bit of irony):

“I guess drinking each other’s blood could mislead people, they could imagine us with Game of Thrones-style goblets while we drink our blood ”.

He further explained that his partner, Machine Gun Kelly, he would even be willing to offer her his soul, cutting his chest with the help of a glass. Here’s what he would have said about it:

“He would be willing to cut his chest with a glass and say: Take my soul,” explained the woman. Something like this has happened many times ”.

Several times the two had already confessed to following macabre practices. For example, carrying a vial containing your partner’s blood around your neck. In short, lovers of the occult world and who could even invoke the devil.

In this regard, according to the priest Ruiz, the two are playing with fire and should not underestimate it. Regarding this, he said:

“Everything suggests that such a rite involves an invocation of the devil. Or supernatural forces, if they consider them as such, but in the end we always talk about the devil. They are playing with fire ”. (Source: The light of Mary).

Furthermore, there is the concern that their spectacularization could in a certain sense negatively affect many children and / or fans, who could draw inspiration from it.

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