Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have announced their engagement. Original ring

Machine Gun Kelly confirmed on Instagram that he had decided to propose to Megan Fox. The musician and actress have been dating since mid-2020. Now they will formalize the relationship. “I asked her to marry him under the same tree branches that we fell in love with” – wrote the rapper and singer. What does the unusual ring he chose for Megan mean?

“Entwined Souls”

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, designed the jewelry with the help of renowned jeweler, Stephen Webster. The design of the ring has a symbolic meaning, for there are embedded two precious stonesemerald and diamond, entwined by silver ornaments that bind jewels together. According to Baker, jewelry thus expresses “two halves of the same soul joining each other” which “together seem to form a heart – our love.”

Lucky stones for a new way of life

Where did the idea for an unusual diamond and emerald composition come from? A diamond is a “lucky stone”, also known as a “birthstone”. birthstone) Colson Baker (April 22), while the emerald – Megan herself, who was born on May 16. “Lucky Stones” are often combined with a person’s zodiac sign. In Ofeminin, we described how each of us can find our own (there are several accepted forms of assigning them).

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In an interview with “Vogue”, the jeweler responsible for the project admitted that he was struck by the rapper’s sensitivity and romance. “He wanted something totally original and meaningful for both him and Megan – due to his suggestions, I used magnets that make two gold rings merge into one ring. Probably the most romantic story I’ve ever worked on, “he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Fox shared additional engagement material on her social media. The video shows Baker kneeling on one knee under a tree and Megan drying her tears after saying “yes”. The video was described in a poetic way:

“In July 2020, we sat down under this tree, asking for magic. We were not aware of the pain we would face in such a short and crazy period, intoxicated by love.” – the actress wrote, adding that she wanted to say “yes” to the musician in each of the incarnations in which she would exist.

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