Megan Fox complained of sexism in show business over a decade ago. At last she was heard

In the production of “Bad Boys II” Megan appeared in only a cameo role. She slipped through the scene shot in a nightclub, wearing an American flag bikini, a cowboy hat, and 15cm high heels.

The movie premiered in 2003, but only now has it gotten loud around the role of Megan. This was due to an interview she gave on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show in 2009, which gained a second life thanks to Twitter.

The video with the interview was published by one of the users of this website. The video began to be shared on a very large scale (over 60,000 shares), generating a lot of comments about sexism in the entertainment industry. Got it and the director of “Bad Boys II” Michael Bay and the showman interviewing.


The actress recalled how, before filming her scene, the crew had warned the director that Megan, as a 15-year-old, must not be filmed at a bar or drink alcohol. – He found a solution. He asked me to dance as I washed it away with the waterfall while I was completely drenched. I was only 15 years old, I was in the 10th grade. This is a sample of how Michael’s mind works, Fox reported.

– Yes, it reflects well how our mind works. Some of us have the decency to suppress these thoughts and pretend they don’t exist. Kimmel made a humorous comment on Megan’s words, which amused the studio audience a lot. The actress was clearly embarrassed by this situation, but decided not to retort.

In 2009, Fox criticized the director in yet another interview. – Michael Bay wants to be on the set like Hitler. It is a nightmare when we work on the set – she said. Because of these words, the actress was kicked from the cast of Baya’s “Transformers 3”, although she starred in earlier parts of the series. This decision was forced by the outraged producer of the film, Steven Spielberg. Since then, Megan’s career has clearly slowed down.

Jimmy Kimmel has been on vacation for some time.


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