Megan Fox denied a kiss to Machine Gun Kelly leaving him alone on the red carpet

Photographers have captured a moment of high tension between the actress and the musician a.i Daily Front Row Awards of Los Angeles but Fox made up for it with a sweet dedication from the stage

Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly they manage to be the center of attention no matter what, for what they do and for what they don’t do. If up to now it has been their passionate poses on the red carpet that have triggered the comments, it is now a missed kiss that restarts the chatter among the fans who have perceived a strange tension in the couple.

Machine Gun Kelly allegedly rejected by Fox in front of the red carpet photographers of the Daily Front Row Awards of Los Angeles. The pink-haired musician, who was holding the actress close, he was refused a kiss from the star of transformers, busy with the official shots of the event that celebrates the link between fashion and the Hollywood industry every year. The rapper, who gave the impression of not having accused the blow, continued to watch the scene amused with his drink in his hand.

The denied kiss scene on the red carpet


Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox get married: the video of the proposal

Even the closest couple can show a few moments of nervousness, at least this was the interpretation of the scene starring Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, both guests of the Daily Front Row Awards of Beverly Hills. The couple attended the evening to honor the celebrity stylists Maeve Reillycreator of the latest Fox looks, increasingly bold and rock ‘n roll.
The scene of the missed kiss (caught by an American journalist and filmed several times on social media) refers to a moment on the red carpet at the entrance of the evening’s guests. Megan Fox, expected by photographers to pose with Maeve Reilly, she appeared cold towards her boyfriend who was leaning towards her to kiss her. It is very likely that the explanation for this behavior is the simplest: the actress did not want to have her makeup ruined before the official shoots.

Megan Fox quotes Machine Gun Kelly from stage


Megan Fox and MGK pose for the cover of GQ

Megan Fox, who during the evening presented an award to Maeve Reilly, spent beautiful words for the stylist who would have helped her get out of a very dark period in her life. With her fashion choices, the professional has restored confidence and awareness to the 35-year-old star, who has returned to the limelight also thanks to her looks that have captured the attention of photographers in the last season. At this point, Fox couldn’t help but mention Machine Gun Kellyindicated from the stage as a “demonic creature, very tall and beautiful” which was the architect of the lucky encounter between her and the stylist. In short, there is no doubt about the feeling that binds the super couple of the star system.

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