Megan Fox: how the famous American actress wears makeup

It is between american stars daily basis more chats on social mediafor her beauty, for the relationship with numerous fashion houses, but above all for the love story, at times controversial and full of excesses, alongside the young rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Born in Tennessee, Megan Fox it has been for many years known to the star system around the world, considered among the most iconic women of all time, for her acting talent, as much as for her toned and long-limbed physique, her skin and light eyes, in contrast with her trademark dark hair. Here are all makeup secrets by Megan Fox, to apply and also choose for your own beauty routine daily if you have light eyes and dark hair.

Who is actress Megan Fox

Born in Oak Ridge, a small town in Tennessee, in 1986, Megan Fox she has been able to make her way in the rich and varied world of cinema and television series, since she was a young girl. At only 15 years old, in 2001, you made your debut in moderately successful film projects such as Holiday in the Sun And How difficult it is to be a teenager (2004), while for the small screen she juggled with Ocean Ave (2002), The Help (2004) and Hope & Faith (2004), on the set of which she met her first husband Brian Austin Green. However, she was another of hers, her lucky character who in 2007, at the age of only 21, allowed her to become a famous actress all over the world. We are talking about Mikaela Banes in the film saga transformerswith Shia LaBeouf, before landing the lead role in the 2009 horror Jennifer’s Body. Although her career on the set often struggles to take off, Megan Fox has always been the protagonist of magazines around the world, thanks also to her interesting collaborations with fashion. An example?

In 2008 and 2009 for For Him Magazine (FHM) she was elected the ‘sexiest woman in the world‘. What is Megan Fox doing today? Alongside acting in some moderately successful films, such as Till Death And Night Teeth (both 2021), the star continues to be talked about for her love story with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly who, after receiving the fateful proposal on January 12, 2022, will marry next December.

How does Megan Fox make up

Net of special occasions such as themed red carpets or interesting couple outfits next to her future husband MGK, the Megan Fox makeup it is never excessively elaborate, therefore made with the use of a few simple products, available everywhere. Megan Fox’s make-up is usually oriented towards highlight those who are his highlights: a Oval face and perfectly proportioned, though being rather thin; the small eyes that give her a mysterious and sensual allure, but at the same time magnetic and intriguing.

It is precisely for this reason that the actress generally prefers the use of pearly, glittery and in any case very bright eyeshadows, to be enriched with the simple clean line of an eyeliner that emphasizes the look and a generous brushstroke of mascara for very long lashes. Without forgetting the lips, plump and perfect for any type of lipstick.

The actress of transformers in fact, it changes often, between matte textures of the most varied colors, but also glossy and luminous varieties in gloss. In short words? Favorite trick of Megan Fox it is decided and sought after, made of colors that stand out well the typical nuances of his embodied. For her blue eyes – the real highlight of each of her beauty looks – Megan often chooses the blue or black of a pencil stroke. For her base, a fairly opaque cream foundation, perfect for recreating a homogeneous whole, where you can then enhance her facial features with the help of a blusher.


While daring a lot in terms of make-up and wigs, especially on the occasion of the red carpet, Megan Fox he has been keeping on his own for years favorite cut and ideal to frame his thin face. A super long hair, but with the right layered effect, to give the tips softness and movement. As for colors, Megan Fox, like her future husband Machine Gun Kelly, has become a real change-maker over the years. Suffice it to say that, just looking at the last months of 2022, the American actress would have changed her color three times. Rose on the occasion of exclusive fashion Barbiecorebut also at the premiere of Life in Pinkthe documentary film about MGK’s life. To then be comfortable in various social photographs where it shows an unprecedented tonality silver, ice effect, which is well suited to the light color of her eyes and skin texture. To then return, in recent weeks, to its true strength, the color with which she has accustomed us, since her debut in the cinematographic world. A nuance brunette or chocolate which, unlike the previous one, creates a clear and enviable contrast with its physiognomic colors.

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