Megan Fox insulted by a passerby, Machine Gun Kelly replies with a slap and a fight breaks out

A complicated evening for the couple formed by Megan Fox and Machin Gun Kelly. While going to a carnival located in Orange County, California, this Friday, July 21, the singer and the actress were insulted by two men. The media TMZ has posted the video of this muscular altercation.

We thought they were separated, but they proved otherwise. Recently, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox went through an avalanche within their couple. A source close to the two lovebirds revealed to People that the couple had consulted a couples therapist and a spiritual healer to resolve their differences. Engaged in January 2022, the two lovers were to marry in October 2023.

Unfortunately, the marriage is postponed to 2024. According to several American media, the singer would have cheated on his beauty several times. Megan Fox had shared a message on Instagram full of meaning, using a quote from Beyoncé. “We can taste your lie, it permeates your breath”. Asked many times about this quote, the ex-wife of Brian Austin Green had brushed aside the suspicions of infidelity of her fiancé. “No outside interference has intervened in our relationship, be it humans, DMs, AIs or succubi”wrote the former star of transformers.

The couple assaulted at a carnival

Proof that peace has returned to the couple, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly made a romantic outing in Orange County, California. At nightfall, the star couple went to a carnival. Unfortunately, this nocturnal escapade had a tragic unfolding. While the two lovers were leaving an attraction, the latter were targeted by an assault. On a video posted online by the media TMZ, we see the singer get close to a group of people. The latter then took a punch from one of the two men. Neither one nor two, the couple’s bodyguard intervened to separate the singer and Megan Fox was thrown to the other side of the barrier in the face of the violence of the shock. A few hours later, the person responsible for this attack gave his side of the story in a shared video by the American media.

The latter stated that her little brother had recognized Megan Fox and shouted at her that she “was so beautiful”. A compliment that did not please Machine Gun Kelly. The latter therefore approached to give him a slap and that’s when the fight broke out. The young man added to the media that it was simply a compliment. “Machine Gun Kelly shouldn’t have acted like that for a compliment”, said the young man in shock. The latter added that he had approached a lawyer to follow up on this attack which left him with a bitter taste. For their part, the singer and the actress made no comment.

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