Megan Fox is 34 years old! Still hot? [GALERIA]

When Megan Fox starred in the first installment of Transformers in 2007, the world went crazy about her. The actress appeared regularly in the rankings of the sexiest stars in the world, and millions of men sigh for her hot photos. Today you can rarely see her in public – which is a pity, because at 34 she is still very HOT!

Ten years ago, there wasn’t an action movie fan in the world who didn’t know who he was Megan Fox. After the performance of w Transformers the world went crazy about the actress, and she herself became one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. The sexy actress stunned the red carpet, and subsequent advertising campaigns, in which she showed her charms, brought companies huge profits.

At the same time, it quickly became loud not only about her beauty, but also about her fiery character Megan Fox. The actress quickly began to express more and more bold opinions – including comparing the director of Transformers Michael Bay to Hitler – and lost the sympathy of Hollywood’s most influential directors and producers. Bay has not hired Megan Fox for her next productions, and her other roles did not bring her such publicity anymore.

Megan Fox is 34 years old

Today Megan Fox he is not a frequent visitor to Hollywood. The actress focuses on her private life and her three sons – Bodhi, Noah and Journey. For months, the media has been speculating about her separation from her husband Brian Austin GreenHowever, recently the star has begun to appear in public again with a wedding ring on her finger, which may indicate that the couple has averted the crisis.

May 16 Megan Fox celebrates its 34th birthday. On this occasion, we looked at her Instagram profile in search of her sexiest photos – it turns out that the actress still has SOMETHING in her!

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