Megan Fox on the recognition of the Killer Body film years after

Megan Fox from participating in the film Transformers in 2007 she became a sought-after actress. In 2009, she starred in a coldly received film Deadly body directed by Karyna Kusama. Years later, however, something changed in the perception of this production and now viewers returning or watching this film for the first time begin to appreciate it.

In an interview for, Fox admitted that she is happy with this turn of events. She also noted that the reason the film did not succeed straight away was poor promotion and creating a bad perception of what would actually be the focus of the picture.

We were all aware of what we were doing during the shooting. We were all surprised – I mean, Karyn [Kusamę] and other lead actors – how the studio advertised this film, which appeared outrageous and was so received.

The actress recalls the many advantages of this production and the behind-the-scenes moments that impress her to this day. In addition, he believes that Kusama’s subtle satire has hit the wrong time and perhaps only 10 years later many viewers matured to what he wanted to convey.

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The poor financial result of the film and a large amount of criticism also negatively affected the private life of Megan Fox. The actress repeatedly mentioned at that time that she had a nervous breakdown. Rogue is the newest film starring Fox and is now available in select US cinemas.

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