Megan Fox opposes double standards and defends the relationship with a younger rapper!

Megan Fox faces criticism against her. All due to the lack of public acceptance of her relationship with the rapper (only) 4 years younger – Machine Gun Kelly. Fox does not give up and speaks loudly about double standards and patriarchy!

Megan Fox, model and actress, known from the series Transformers, since last May, she has been dating rapper Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly. The couple met during a joint project directed by Randall Emmett, Midnight in the Switchgrass. They confirmed their relationship in July 2020, when Megan appeared in the rapper’s music video for his single Bloody Valentine.

In an interview with the magazine “InStyle”, 35-year-old Megan Fox admitted how much criticism fell on her at the time of the disclosure of the relationship with the 31-year-old rapper. All because of… age difference! Megan Fox is outraged and begins a discussion about the double standards that are in place today.

Do you want to talk about patriarchy? It’s a fact that [Machine Gun Kelly] He’s four years younger than me, but people act like I’m dating someone who knows how young. He is 31 and I am 35. Of course, it must be admitted that his whole life he has lived as if he were 19, but he is not 19. No one would have blinked even if George Clooney had been dating someone four years his junior.

“It’s so funny that women are treated this way”

Fox highlighted a key point – no one criticizes men who are in a relationship or only dating women younger than themselves. The example Megan puts forward in an interview, namely Clooney, who is 60, with Amal Clooney, who is 43, is actually a difference of 17 years. Society supports this relationship, on the other hand criticizing the couple with only a 4-year age difference.

However, double standards – not only in the Hollywood world – do not only apply to age. During the above-mentioned conversation, the 35-year-old also raised another problem that women have to face. Well, it is a stereotype of a mother who should be with her child, at home. Megan referred to the situation that happens to her during each social outing. Each time someone throws a question at her: Where are your kids. As part of the answer, Fox says: Do you ask their father about it when he leaves?. Recall that the 35-year-old has 3 sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green – they are: Noah Shannon (8), Bodhi Ransom (7) and Journey River (4).

The actress is outraged because men are never asked or judged about it like women. As Fox says, fathers are not required to devote all of their time to their children. Yes, from women. However, children have two parents. Megan is surprised by the archaic approach of society to the issue of parenthood, and more specifically motherhood. Interestingly, her partner, Machine Gun Kelly has an 11-year-old daughter, Cassie. However, the rapper does not ask why his daughter does not accompany him every time he goes out or who cares for her when he is not at home.

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