Megan Fox reads tales written by transgender children to her son

Megan Fox said she bought books written by transgender children for her nine-year-old son Noah. The reason? He saw that the little one started wearing clothes from the age of two, as explained on the cover of Glamor UK. Then she wanted to document about her needs, giving herself volumes written by transgender children to teach him that you can wear any dress you want and that “this has nothing to do with one’s sexuality.”

The actress has two other children (Bodhi and Journey, 8 and 5 years old), born from her marriage to Brian Austin Green and he educated them from an early age by talking to them about gender and identity, convinced that a good parent should listen to and support the choices of the offspring. To protect their freedom, she has in fact decided not to share many of their images on social media.

The little boy already receives discrimination from classmates, albeit the actress chose “a liberal and hippy school” for him. But Noah has the answer ready: “When I enter the classroom – he says – the boys all start laughing, but I don’t care, because I like clothes too much.”

The 35-year-old actress, currently engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, did not hide the difficulties of the situation. She would like people to go beyond dresses. The ex-husband also spent his money on his son when a photo was posted with Elsa’s dress from Frozen and the web went crazy.

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