Over the years we have seen her grow, evolve and change her style multiple times but, now, Megan Fox, has been able to leave us speechless with her new makeover. In the last period, the actress has sported a long jet-black hair and wore blonde or silver wigs for Halloween, even switching to fuchsia for the creation of her virtual avatar. Yesterday – Saturday 28 January – however, Megan published a story on her Instagram profile in which she appears with a short bob, bangs and a shade of hair closer to ash blonde.

In one of the stories published later, the actress also asks her followers to “guess why” and it is probable that she is referring precisely to the “why” of this sudden change of look. According to reports, it is possible that this choice is determined by the start of filming of the new project in which Megan will star alongside Michele Morrone. In “Subservience”, in fact, the two will enter a sci-fi thriller that “speaks of a father in trouble (Morrone) who buys a domestic SIM card (Fox) to take care of his home and his family until it acquires awareness and becomes lethal.”

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