Megan Fox: the mischievous gimmick of the actress

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox she stated on Instagram that she punched a hole in her dress to have sex, probably with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. After her latest find, to say the least mischievous, users went wild with various comments on social media. It seems the 36-year-old actress and model has no problem admitting even the most intimate aspects of her life. It all started when Megan posted some videos and photos of a blue dress on Instagram. She then attached a screenshot of a text message to let her fans know that she had to punch a hole in the fabric to wear it with MGK.

Megan Fox: the chat posted on Instagram

Megan Fox posted a screenshot of a chat with someone. The 36-year-old writes: “This blue dress was expensive because we just made a hole in the crotch so we could have sex.” Her interlocutor replies: “I hate you” and “I will fix it”.


Megan Fox fans have commented on the actress’s post in numerous. One asks: “What is that text?”, another: “Making a hole Megan? C’mon Baby.” Another fan, referring to the damage to her dress, asks: “Was it expensive to repair?”. Another follower points out, “Lol this sounds like those girls in high school who have bad relationships but try to pretend they aren’t by posting weird stuff like that.”

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