Megan Fox turns into an elf. VIDEO

Ten days after Halloween, the actress posted the shots of her umpteenth metamorphosis. The backstage photos

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Halloween 2022 was a party very much felt by celebrities who this year have worked hard to find the perfect disguise.
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were among the absolute protagonists of the season with them multiple costumes flaunted for the various parties they attended.
After the metamorphosis into Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and the matching vampire-themed costume, the two have tried again with another couple look elven themed that only now arrives on social networks.
In the shots, the actress and the singer are Zelda and Linkthe main characters of the Nintendo videogame The Legend of Zelda.

Yet another couple costume for Halloween


Megan Fox, the copper look (with matching dress) to be copied

For Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, Halloween is not over yet and if their neighbors in Hollywood are already busy decorating the house for Christmas, the two of them are still mentally tuned to the night of the living dead and the witches, given the latest posts published on Instagram from Fox.
Although ten days have passed since Halloween, the actress has considered it appropriate to highlight the latest costume shown on October 31 for a party in West Hollywoodan occasion for which she and her boyfriend immersed themselves in the world of the elves.
Their looks are those of Zelda and Link, protagonists of the historic series of action-adventure games The Legend of Zelda.

Megan Fox, sexy elf


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Fox naturally offered hers sexy version of the fantasy character and, to fully enter the universe of the game, she has equipped her corset-like costume with a long skirt with two very deep side slits. The look, complete with a decorated crown resting on the blonde hair styled with soft waves, was completed by metal-effect gold-colored lace-up boots.
In the clips posted on Instagram, Megan Fox posted some moments of the backstage in which she is dressed only from the waist down. The actress, busy with the make-up artist, covers her breasts with her arms and hands. In the post caption comes called into question Grimes: the singer, who has decided to resort to cosmetic surgery to look like a fantasy creature, is now considered an authority in terms of elf looks and pointy ears.

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