Megan Fox will star in a new version of the cult movie

Bonnie and Clyde is one of the most famous stories of Hollywood, inspired by the fate of a pair of real criminals operating in the 1930s. The Oscar-winning production from 1967, directed by Arthur Penn, is still on the set of cinema fans to this day. It was only a matter of time until the American visionaries once again reached for this extraordinary story.

According to the Deadline website, a production with the title is looming on the horizon Johnny And Clyde, that is, a completely new version of the said story. According to a source, major roles in this project will play Megan Fox (Transformers) and Tyson Ritter (Preacher).

The work on the film is supervised by Verdi Productions. Directors’ positions include Tom DeNucci (Vault) and Chad A. Verdi. The latter is also a producer, along with Michelle Verdi, Chad A. Verdi Jr, Paul Luba and Nick Koskoff. The executive producers are Andre Relis, David Gere, JD Beaufils, Jessica Bennett, Mickey Guerin, Anthony Gudas and Chelsea Vale, Amy Lippens and Ali Cesare.

Original movie Bonnie and Clyde he told the fate of a pair of lovers who traveled across America carrying out numerous robberies and robberies. Movie Johnny And Clyde will focus on a pair of serial killers who are passionate about different types of crime, and their next target is a casino, managed by the leader of the criminal organization Alana (Megan Fox) and its head of security (Tyson Ritter).

Interestingly, shooting for this production is already taking place in Rhode Island, but it is still unknown who will play Johnny and Clyde. The full cast will be revealed in October.

When discussing Megan Fox, it is worth recalling that this actress recently joined the cast of the film Expendables 4. Looks like she’ll have her hands full anytime soon.

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