Megan Fox’s 8-year-old son was disgustingly harassed for wearing dresses

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
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Recently, there has been a discussion about the division of fashion into men and women. There is no shortage of famous men who wear dresses in show business. It turns out that Megan Fox’s 8-year-old son also does the same. The star in a new interview said that for this reason she read disgusting comments about him. Besides, the boy has a hard time at school.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Harry Styles has sparked a discussion about the modern definition of masculinity. The musician went down in history when he was the first man to pose on the cover of a fashion bible – Vogue magazine. Why was the cover so loud? Harry Styles posed wearing a dress!

Later, Kid Cudi, who appeared in SNL also dressed in a dress, followed in his footsteps. Machine Gun Kelly, who wears painted nails on a regular basis, also draws attention. Recently, he even partnered with the cosmetics brand that produces them!

The world, however, is not yet ready for such changes. The son of Megan Fox learned about it painfully.


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Megan Fox’s son persecuted for wearing dresses

During her 2019 appearance on The Talk, Megan Fox confessed that her son “likes to wear dresses sometimes.” At the time, she probably did not realize what scandal would be triggered. It turns out that Internet users were ruthless for the 8-year-old.

In a recent interview, Megan Fox said her child was criticized on the Internet by “mean, horrible and cruel people.”

I don’t want him to ever have to read that shit. He just hears it from young children at his own school saying, “Boys don’t wear dresses.”

Megan Fox explained that she sent her son to a “really liberal hippie school” in California, but that the boy had to put up with teasing students there because of his distinctive appearance.

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