Megan Rapinoe, a gamer who doesn’t mince her words

You may be wondering why it is necessary that your children see Magellan, Pythagoras, Zeus as well as the Swiss Army Knife, K-We or even the lives of Nina Simone, Frida Kahlo and Maya Angelou and many more Know? Who was Marie Curie and why did an apple change the way we see the world?

All these characters, all these geniuses became legends, some changed the world.

The Story of Megan Rapinoe. Gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics and double world champion (2015 and 2019), she is alongside essential star Alex Morgan of the USA team. Unfortunately for her and her team, the summer of 2023 sounded the death knell for American supremacy in women’s competitions. The double defending champion Americans were knocked out of the World Cup in the Round of 16 by Sweden (0–0, 5–4 on penalties) after a penalty shootout upset in Melbourne on 6 August.

According to their coach Vlatko Andonovsky, after nearly three hours of stalemate and seven different shooters, the all-powerful Americans were defeated in a final “brutal” action. It was not until video assistance (VAR) that French referee Stéphanie Frappart validated the elimination penalty signed on Lena Hurtig, who had crossed the goal line by a hair’s breadth.

Team USA first wasted a qualifying ball from their young star, Sophia Smith. Prior to that, Megan Rapinoe missed out on her bid for the 38-year-old icon’s final World Cup appearance. He said, “It sounds like a bad joke, a bad movie.” I know it’s the end and it’s sad.”

Text illustrated by Jean Michel Billaud, Almasti.



Credits: Gallimard Youth

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