Meghan and Harry made a proposal to Elizabeth II. The palace did not reply

The news of the birth of a new “baby Sussex” electrified public opinion around the world. All because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they kept the course of the Duchess’ pregnancy in great secret. Royal fans have waited a long time for this moment. Until finally An official Sussex statement has surfaced online, according to which Meghan Markle on June 4, 2021 at 11.40 at a hospital in Santa Barbara, California, gave birth to a baby girl. This time, the proud parents did not hesitate to give their child’s name (as was the case with Archie Harrison) and immediately informed that their daughter (also the 11th great-grandson of Elizabeth II) was Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Although rumors had been circulating for some time that the Sussex daughter might be called Lilibet (it was said that her name would be associated with flowers – which could be a clue to the inquisitive), but so many were probably surprised by this choice. It is not an ordinary name. Let us remember that “Lilibet” is a nickname from the childhood of Elizabeth II herself. By the decision of Harry and Meghan, it will still function in the family, but in the next generation. The choice of the Sussex may come as a surprise, especially as they have been consistently emphasizing for several months that they do not want to have anything to do with the royal family, and that everything bad happened to them at the British court. In this situation, is it inappropriate to choose a daughter’s name in honor of her great-grandmother, or maybe the Sussexs have a hidden purpose? Recently we analyzed the matter in a separate material.

Sussex and Elizabeth IISussexowie i Elżbieta II – WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

It turns out, however, that not only the name of the little girl (which it is different from that worn by William’s children) evoke great emotions. Many fans of “royals” wonder, why the royal family hesitated to welcome little Lila in the world. While the newborn probably slept soundly in his mother’s arms, the Windsors were busy with completely different responsibilities, living in ignorance. In doing so, the Sussex got their way, ridiculing the British monarchy that she was the last to know about the birth of her great-granddaughter Elizabeth II. It was not the first time – we all remember how over a year and a half ago Meghan Markle and Prince Harry resigned from their royal functions, giving up from the British court. The Sussex decision wreaked havoc at Buckingham Palace. It turned out that the couple had not consulted the actions with no member of the Windsor family. Then it was time for an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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From then on, the already chilly relationship between the Windsors and the demanding Harry and his wife began to deteriorate even more. It came to a point that the queen took her first steps in the matter of the honors and titles that she had irretrievably taken from her grandson.

Elizabeth II made more decisions about Harry. “It’s a cheek for a prince”

Although Harry attended Prince Philip’s funeral in April, where he tried to make a good face for a bad game, Meghan had not made a public trip to Britain since before the pandemic. As reported by the British media, this may change soon. According to “The Sun” The Sussexs were to contact Buckingham Palace to negotiate a meeting with Elizabeth II. Objective? They want to introduce the monarch to her great-granddaughter Lilibet Diana.

Here is the moment the Queen met Archie Harrison:

Last month, there was information that the couple intend to baptize their daughter in Caliphonia – away from the Windsor. All because of the scandal that broke out during Archie’s baptism in 2019. Let us remind you that ŁBreaking the hitherto tradition of the British monarchy, young parents decided not to show the baby to the British right after his birth. Both Meghan and Harry decided that Archie’s first sacrament should be modest, and most importantly – private celebration, without cameras and photojournalists.

Ever since the boy was born, everyone wondered who would become his godparents. Buckingham Palace, however, issued an official statement saying that the names of the people will not be made public for privacy reasons. It was an unusual situation in the royal family, which for years allowed the media to participate in such events and informed them about the details of the baptism of royal descendants. Kate Middleton did not hide her dissatisfaction at the time. As the wife of the future king, she resented her brother-in-law and his wife that they once again bend the protocol cared for for decades, and at the same time introduce chaos and complicate the cooperation of the monarchy with the British press, thus destroying the good PR of the family.

No wonder the situation was tense anyway. Archie’s baptism coincided with the major renovation of Frogmore Cottage, on which the Sussexs spent £ 2.4 million of British taxpayers’ money. In return, however, they did not want to reveal anything about their private lives. Kate’s words were of no use. Finally, 25 invited guests appeared at the 45-minute ceremony in Windsorincluding Harry’s immediate family and Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend the baptism of my great-grandson …

This time the Sussexs seem to have thought it over and they understood that the war against the British monarchy had done them more harm than good. That is why, as the foreign press says, they want to introduce her great-grandmother to her namesake, which is several months old. And although due to the little “Lili” it might seem that the queen longing for her grandson and his daughter will be happy with the turn of the matter, her reaction (similarly to close family members and associates) was reportedly not so enthusiastic. As we read, all “were put in a considerable dumbfoundation”.

Harry and Meghan made this offer, but many people are surprised by their behavior. Sussex might really want to see the queen. While Elizabeth II still loves Harry very much and would like to see Lilibet and Archie, everyone is surprised by Meghan’s decision – especially after all that happened.

As people associated with Buckingham Palace report anonymously, the Queen’s office has yet to respond to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s message.

Meghan Markle and Elizabeth IIMeghan Markle and Elżbieta II – ALAMY LIMITED / Agencja BE&W

Will the long-awaited meeting between Elizabeth II and her great-grandchildren and their controversial parents take place? We are left to follow the information from the Islands and the United States. There will be no shortage of these.

Source: “The Sun”, “Marie Claire”, “Page Six”

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