Meghan and Harry’s employees have spoken. What are they revealing?

The servants of Meghan and Harry decided to speak in public. One of the staff members opened and told how the duchess had behaved while she was still living at court.

For over a year Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they live in the United States. They bought a mansion in Santa Barbara and build family happiness there. Of course, despite assurances that they want to stay away from the media, they are still very active. They give interviews – which is perceived as quite controversial behavior, they develop as producers, they write books.

It turns out that not only the Sssex have spoken. Also, people who worked with them begin to reveal how they behaved when they were still living in the palace.

Meghan and Harry’s servants have spoken. What do employees reveal?

Meghan and Harry used personal friends to try to convey their message – something that once again fills the old guard with horror, but helps Markle feel that she is an independent person, not one that is captured by William and Kate’s advertising machine. A former member of the Kensington Palace public relations team said:

Meghan approaches it all as if she were still an actress. And of course being part of the British royal family comes with something very similar to acting. She will not let others tell her what role she has to play – she wants to interpret the role as she sees fit and worries that people will look down on her or treat her differently because she is a divorced, racially mixed American and there are conservative people in the royal family. who look down on her and she knows it.

He added that he also did not feel as confident as Kate:

It makes him overdo it sometimes – there’s no way to deal with people like Kate. A bad example of when Kate was terrified when Meghan yelled at a member of Kate’s staff – that was definitely the beginning of the discussion about leaving Kensington Palace. And like many people who are not used to dealing with the service, Meghan exaggerated with authority. Therefore, on the one hand, she wants to be like Diana, Princess of the Peopleon the other hand, he wants people to stand at attention when he snaps his fingers.

This is the first time someone from the environment has said so much about Meghan’s behavior in the palace.

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