Meghan Markle abused employees? Shocking facts have come to light!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not have a good time. As soon as the scandals around them dim a bit, new ones appear. The situation was aggravated by the famous interview with Oprah, which only enraged the public.

Prince Harry’s wife has been in the candlestick from the very beginning. You can even see that she has always had a difficult start – not only is she not British, but also divorced! At first, the royal family watched her with interest, but it soon turned out that the actress did not quite fit the court etiquette.

She was also disadvantaged by the “accusations” led by the royals. She confessed that they were not interested in her mental health, even when she was really in trouble. After a while it turned out that she had a lot behind her ears herself.

There were rumors of mobbing against palace employees. The media reported that the duchess was supposed to make them cry and treated them with contempt. Harry and Meghan with their lawyers said it was a “smear campaign” and The Times was supposed to be used by Buckingham Palace to spread false information.

Now in the book “Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family” there is information that two employees who accused Markle of mobbing – have withdrawn their charges.

This is not the only acquaintance of the actress who decided to defend her in the media. The following spoke, among others colleague from the set of “In Suits” Patrick J. Adams, producer Lindsay Roth, or Abigail Spencer. They all argued that Markle treats others with due respect.

What’s the truth? Not everyone withdrew their charges …

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