Meghan Markle adopted a dog in Canada, but did not take it to the USA. Reason? Pet doesn’t like Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met during the actress’s work on the set of the series “In suits”. The photos were shot in Canada and that’s where Meghan lived before she got involved with the prince. There she also adopted two dogs – Guy and Bogart, but today she is accompanied by only one of them. Why was Bogart abandoned by her?

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Meghan Markle did not take the adopted dog to the USA, because the pet … does not like Prince Harry

After moving from Canada to Great Britain, Meghan Markle left not only the acting world behind her, but also two beloved dogs. According to foreign media sources, she said that pets are her love and “her world”. In addition, in London, together with Prince Harry, she adopted another dog – the black Labrador Oz. When the princely couple decided to leave the royal family, they only took Guy and Oz with them to the US. Bogart stayed in Canada and is still there today. According to the source of the journal “The Sun”, the dog is staying with friends. When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry settled in the USA, they did not take the pet with them. The reason was to be … Prince Harry. The animal supposedly did not accept him.

Of course, her employees in the UK, who knew about her decision, found her statement quite strange, but accepted it because they felt Meghan knew her dogs best, whistleblower The Sun said.

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Meghan Markle has often reported online that she is an animal lover. In her posts, she used the hashtag “adopt, do not buy”. When she became a duchess, she took the patronage of the Mayhew animal welfare charity.

As the proud owner of a dog rescued from a shelter, I know from my own experience what joy it can bring to adopt an animal into your home. The role we humans play in finding and saving these animals is crucial, but the role of organizations like Mayhew is unmatched, she wrote in the foreword to a charity report.

Bogart was her first adopted pet.

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