Meghan Markle and Harry will not baptize their daughter in the UK? Surprising news

The Mirror website reports that, according to royal sources, Prince Harry and Megahan Markle will not baptize their daughter Lilibet in the UK. Initially, there were rumors that the newly-minted parents would fly to England to baptize their daughter and thus introduce her to Queen Elizabeth II herself.

After all, the daughter of the former Duchess of Sussex was named after Elizabeth II …

Instead, Lilibet will likely be baptized into the US Episcopal Church. The sacrament would be given by Bishop Michael Curry, who preached at the wedding of Meghan and Harry.

Interestingly, in that case, little Lilibet would not be considered a member of the Church of England unless she came to Britain.

Recall that Harry and Megahn decided to baptize Archie for a private, modest ceremony. The couple did not even want to reveal who their son’s godparents were.

Only the closest were the guests at the ceremony. Everything indicates that the baptism of Lilibet will be similar. It’s been three months since her birth, and the world has still not seen a single full picture of Mehan and Harry’s daughter.

Lillibet’s baptism in the US will surely be a great disappointment for Queen Elizabeth II. Not only has the monarch not met her granddaughter yet, it is doubtful that the 95-year-old queen will have made a long and tiring journey by plane …

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