Meghan Markle and Prince Harry point out racism again

Although almost 5 months have passed since the broadcast of the interview in which Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry discussed with Oprah Winfrey their relationship with the British royal family, its echoes are still well heard.

Meghan, then pregnant, in tears, confessed that her contacts with the Windsor family had made her depressed so deep that she required professional help. However, due to the specificity of the royal protocol, she was firmly refused. As the Duchess hinted, she was expected to forget about her emotions and stay in shape no matter what.

In turn, Harry explained that the media campaign against his wife began to remind him so much of the one to whom his mother, Princess Diana, fell victim over the years that he saw no other option but to break ties with his family and move overseas.

However, the accusation that caused the greatest shock was allegations of racism, which Meghan said prevailed among members of the royal family. As revealed by the Duchess, she and Harry were asked about the expected skin color of their future child. Apparently there was an idea to make it dependent on the shade of granting Archie or removing Archie the princely title.

These words were immediately reacted by the minister for children and a member of the Conservative Party Vicky Ford, who firmly assured that there is no place for racism in Britain, and that the former spokesman for Queen Elizabeth II, Charles Anton added that neither among the Windsor.

In response to the accusations of the princely couple, the British Journalists Association issued a statement, which did not find any manifestations of racism in the British media. However, Meghan, from the US, who spent less than two years in the UK, decided that she knew better. She and Harry decided to convince the British that they were nasty racists. On the official website of the Sussex Foundation, Archewell, they made the following statement:

Perhaps Meghan decided that she had nothing to lose anyway. It’s hard to imagine what would have to happen for the British media to suddenly like her …


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