Meghan Markle and Prince Harry water the garden with holy water? “This water is pure sanctified water”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry water the garden with holy water? According to the leader of one of the Native American tribes, the Sussexs use water from sacred springs because they do not know the local history.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, after leaving Great Britain and retiring from royal life, settled in a huge residence in Montecito, California. As it turns out, this place is of special importance to one of the Native American tribes, and the water that flows in the local springs is considered sacred by them.

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The leader of the Barbareno-Ventura tribe spoke in a short speech for the daily “The Sun”. She stated that she and her tribe do not agree that the water they consider sacred should be used by the people of Montecito to water their gardens.

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Meghan Markle and Harry water the garden with holy water?

According to Eleanor Fishburn, local people, including Meghan and Harry, have other options to irrigate their gardens, but they do not use them because they do not realize the importance of sacred springs for the Barbareno-Ventura tradition.

For us, this water is pure sanctified and ceremonial water. As indigenous peoples, this is sacred to us, and the idea that people in the area are using spring water to water their gardens is something we don’t like“- said the leader in an interview with” The Sun “.

The tribe members organized a special meeting to which they invited the people of Montecito. They want to explain to them why such use of their holy water is harmful to them. “It would be great if they came so that we can explain our history and culture and let them know how holy this water is for us. It would be good to explain to them that if they are using water to irrigate their garden, they have an alternative choiceFishburn said.

It is not known whether the Sussexs are going to appear at the meeting. So far, they have not spoken out on this matter.

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