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  • Meghan Markle met Trevor Engelson when she was a 23-year-old aspiring actress. It is said that it was thanks to the contacts of her lover, working in the film industry, that she began to gain more and more roles, including the one that gave her the greatest recognition – Rachel Zane in the series “In suits”
  • At first, the lovers did not want to legalize their relationship. They decided to get married only after seven years of living together. They swore to each other in the Beverly Hills registry office, then organized a grand wedding in Jamaica with lots of attractions for friends and family
  • “None of the people gathered on Meg’s wedding day on the Jamaican beach talk to her. Meghan began to carefully calculate who it is worth and with whom it is not worth to associate with. She realized that Trevor and I are not so valuable in her eyes anymore. “- said Ninaki Priddy years later, a long friend of the Duchess of Sussex
  • Currently, both Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson are reluctant to talk about their marriage. They both got their lives back together – actress with redhead (former) British favorite and film producer from Tracey Kurland, heiress to Stanford Kurland’s fortune
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It has long been quietly said that Meghan Markle had a planto become the wife of a famous Briton, and the romantic blind date, during which she fell in love at first sight, was thoughtful. Before the Los Angeles actress became the Duchess of Sussex and became friends with the so-called top shelf, such as Barack and Michelle Obamas, George and Amal Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey, for years she fought for attention on American red carpets.

She was also often in Great Britain. She was impressed with the local style and charmed by the characteristic, lord-like accent. Apparently, she made every effort to find, in addition to Hollywood cream, a respected company in the UK. “Do you know any famous guys?” she was supposed to ask a journalist friendwho lives in London.

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Meghan Markle

Finally it happened – as if by magic of a wand one day a real prince fell in love with her, whose existence she supposedly had no idea. In addition, it was the son of the world-beloved Diana Spencer. Bingo – career of little-known so far Meghan shot like a slingshot. Exactly as she dreamed of it.

Just before moving to London, but while the relationship with Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson was still a closely guarded secret, Markle organized a party for her friends. At that time, she was giving away cheap clothes from popular chain stores – these were not to be needed from then on. She called the party “Sayonara Zara” [żegnaj Zara].

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Meghan Markle in the past

Then there was the famous engagement, fairy-tale wedding, influence, wealth – this is how the little-known, serial Rachel Zane, Meghan Markle suddenly became Her Majesty who needed to be bowed. Not everyone liked the American’s success. Her stepsister’s words echoed widely, appealing to the Windsor, saying:

Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson: a hippie wedding in Jamaica and the wedding ring returned by mail. “I have nothing to say about her”

Everyone thought the woman was jealous. With time, however, it turned out that there is a grain of truth in every rumor – the first disputes began in the Windsor family. It was then that the headlines of the world’s most famous magazines featured a man’s name, which Markle herself had worn a few years earlier. I am talking about Trevor Engelson – a longtime partner and the first husband of the Duchess of Sussex.

It was he who created her a recognizable serial actress. Thanks to his influence, Meghan gained fame, and (as the man later revealed), when she liked her, “he felt as unnecessary as something stuck to the sole of her shoe.”

Today the chapter “Trevor Engelson” is a period in her life that Meghan Markle talks about reluctantly. A few years ago, however, we would have described him as the actress’s great love. Nowadays ex-spouses take water in their mouthswhen anyone asks them about this marriage. So let’s take a look at their relationship, the boisterous wedding, and then their controversial breakup.

10 years have passed since their Jamaican wedding. Are you curious about this relationship that lasted several years? Or are you wondering if the Engelsons’ former in-laws and family were more sympathetic to the Duchess of Sussex than the relatives of Prince Harry? So let’s go back to the times when Meghan Markle did not even dream of becoming a princess …

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All about Meghan Markle’s first marriage
All about Meghan Markle’s first marriage

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