Meghan Markle appropriated the money allocated to the fight for animal rights?

When Meghan Markle confirmed in an interview with “Vanity Fair” in 2007 that she was in a relationship with Prince Harry, it became clear that, since Princess Diana’s time, no one would manage to mix up the royal family as much as the American star of the series “In suits “.

Meghan, brought up in a family with artistic aspirations, was encouraged from childhood to express her own opinion and defend her views. At 11, she wrote her first nationwide petition, forcing global giant Procter & Gamble to make key changes to sexist detergent advertising.

During her first holiday as Harry’s official fiancée at the royal estate of Sandringham, she fell to the British, urging her fiancé to give up traditional pheasant hunting. And then it was gone …

An interview for the BBC in which Meghan revealed that she felt persecuted by the British media to the extent that she “is dead, only exists”, Megxit, moving overseas and a shocking interview for American television, full of accusations against the Windsor Meghan has become one of the most hated people in the British royal family, perhaps second only to Prince Andrew, involved in a pedophile scandal and illegal arms trade.

The Duchess does not seem to care what they say about her and continues to engage in charity and animal rights activities. Unfortunately, the media, extremely sensitive to it, catch some slip-ups every now and then. The most recent is about elephants.

Meghan Markle was involved in the protection of the elephant population in Boston that was being slaughtered by poachers. When she narrated on Disney Nature’s “Elephants,” in 2020, she asked the production to donate her entire $ 3 million salary to Botswana Elephants Without Borders. She received profuse thanks for this on the official profile of the organization on Facebook:

Well, the joy would probably be even greater if the promised $ 3 million actually went to the Botswana Elephants Without Borders account. Unfortunately this did not happen. The royal biographer Angela Levin discovered the case. As she explained on Twitter:

Both Disney Nature and Meghan will not speak on this matter. What is certain is that the Botswana Elephants Without Borders organization did not receive the promised money. It remains an open question who decided to care for the $ 3 million allocated to elephants. Disney Nature claims that the amount has been transferred to Meghan’s account and that is where the trail ends …


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