Meghan Markle at the wedding shocked. First the color of the dress, and then … Nobody had dared to do it before [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

Meghan Markle, despite attempts, did not win the sympathy of the British, as Princess Kate did. In an atmosphere of scandal, together with Prince Harry, they left the palace, moving to the USA. However, it is worth going back in time to 2018, when Meghan was getting ready for the wedding. The tiara brawl was a bad start for her and did not make a good impression on the royals. Later it only got worse. At the wedding, the Duchess with a smile on her face ignored a centuries-old tradition, which she despised Queen Elizabeth.

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Meghan Markle showed disrespect towards the queen during the royal wedding

Undoubtedly, Meghan Markle looked like a modern princess pattern in a silk white wedding dress from the Givenchy fashion house. Royal weddings are of great interest, and this was also the case here. Especially since Harry decided not to marry an English girl of high society, but an actress who had one divorce behind her. The Duchess of Sussex was previously the wife of Trevor Engelson, an American film producer. Their marriage did not last even two years.

It has been speculated that, in line with royal tradition, the future bride cannot appear in white, which is reserved for virgins. As you can read in the book “Meghan and Harry. The True Story” by Lady Colin Campbell, Meghan got her own way, which surprised the Queen.

The queen allegedly expressed surprise that the future wife of her grandson – and at the same time a divorced woman – appeared in white, a symbol of innocence, contrary to the custom common in royal and aristocratic circles, although honesty dictated that she should opt for a cream shade. But Meghan did not care at all. Royal and aristocratic traditions meant nothing to someone with such unshakable self-esteem, we read.

Meghan Markle (wedding)Meghan Markle (wedding) East News

On the wedding day, Meghan did not stop at showing her courage, breaking out of the royal tradition in choosing the color of the dress. She did what is still considered a clear disrespect for the monarch. After a royal wedding, it is customary for all brides to curtsy to the queen. So did Princess Anna or Princess Diana, but not Meghan.

According to tradition, after signing the marriage certificate and returning to the chapel, the bride curts up and the groom bows to the queen. No one has yet departed from this custom and its respect was also expected on May 19, 2018. Princess Anna cursed the Queen at both of her weddings. So did Diana, Princess Alexander, the Countess of Wessex, and the Duchesses of York, Kent, and Cambridge. However, as she passed the Queen, beaming Prince Harry by her side, Meghan did not deign to bow to her, which caused widespread consternation in the Chapel of St. George.

Meghan’s behavior did not escape the attention of the gathered guests, who did not hide their shock.

One of the witnesses later told me: Nobody could believe it. She just left without honoring Her Majesty with the slightest nod of her head. The Queen has not been heard of commenting or complaining, but she has certainly noticed it. Everyone noticed.

The above quotes come from the book “Meghan and Harry. A True Story” by Lady Colin Campbell, translated by Edyta Świerczyńska, which will be published by the Women’s Publishing House. The book will premiere on September 29.

'Meghan and Harry.  A True Story 'Lady Colin Campbell, Women's Publishing House‘Meghan and Harry. A True Story ‘Lady Colin Campbell, Women’s Publishing House Photo Press materials

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Could Meghan have done everything from the very beginning to prevent the royal family from liking her? Are you going to read the book?

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