Meghan Markle cut Harry off the money to make it difficult for him to meet with the royal family

When Harry first flew to Britain in early July after an interview with Meghan Oprah Winfrey and him, it was loud that most of the royal family did not dream of meeting the prodigal prince.

Prince Charles went to Scotland to avoid contact with his son, Prince William only needed a short chat for his brother after the joint unveiling of the statue of their mother, Princess Diana. Nothing, however, stopped Queen Elizabeth from seeing her beloved grandson!

The 95-year-old monarch herself drove the car to Harry’s mansion, where he was quarantined after the trip, and her photos behind the wheel and the charming desperation to meet Harry for a moment sparked hope that perhaps the relationship could be rebuilt, and the younger Diana’s son will start visiting the family more often.

Unfortunately, Meghan went to some trouble to prevent her husband from traveling freely!

Ever since the Sussex couple moved to California, the former actress has been in full control of their lives! The couple meets with her friends, goes to her favorite restaurants, and also attends events that Meghan deems appropriate and profitable.

The National Enquirer reports that Harry’s wife also manages the family’s finances, and the father of her children is unable to spend a dollar without her knowing! It got to the point that in order for the prince to buy her a birthday present, he had to borrow from a friend!

– says the source of the “National Enquirer”.

Do you think Prince Harry will ever rebel?

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