Meghan Markle Dared to Lie to Escape a Royal Visit?

Meghan Markle hits the headlines because of her past actions! In 2018, she would have even lied to cut short a royal visit.

Meghan Markle continues to take it for her rank! This Tuesday, June 22, the “Daily Mail” again unearthed an old file on the Duchess. To believe the tabloid, she would not have hesitated to lie to escape a royal visit. The height!


To date, many English seem to regret the entry of Meghan Markle into the royal family. However, everything had started so well!

Committed actress, feminist and fashion icon, she filled all the boxes to bring a breath of modernity to the monarchy. But after her engagement to Prince Harry in 2017, tongues began to loosen.

According to her half-sister Samantha Markle, Lilibeth’s mother was above all an “upstart”. As for the Windsor employees, they gradually confessed anonymously that it was not easy to live with on a daily basis.

To make matters worse, some have accused the ex-star of the series “Suits” of having imploded the Firm. Never mind!

Attacked from all sides, Meghan Markle and Harry ended up packing up in the United States after the Megxit. Since Lilibet was born on June 4, the Sussexes have decided to keep a low profile.

Unfortunately for them, the “Daily Mail” decided to further decorate the image of Meghan Markle. This time around, the paper focuses on a commitment she would not have kept. We explain it to you!


The facts go back to 2018. In October more precisely! At that time, Meghan Markle was on the move in Fiji. As a reminder, she was also pregnant with little Archie.

In front of the journalists, Prince George’s aunt had made a short visit to a market… 8 minutes in all! Before being hurriedly exfiltrated. Subsequently, she was to attend the UN Women Conference of the United Nations. 

His spokesperson had also assured that the heat and the too dense crowd had been the reason for his hasty departure. False information according to the “Daily Mail”.

Indeed, Robert Lacey the author of Batlle of Brother has given a completely different reason for his exfiltration. The royal biographer says she cut the event short for feeling snubbed by the organizers of the meeting.

“Meghan Markle has rubbed shoulders with personalities like Hillary Clinton,” said Robert Lacey in his book. “She would have hoped to join the distinguished list of UN Women Goodwill Ambassadors.”

Stung, she would have been just upset by this lack of consideration. It remains to be seen if this info reason is true!

Exiles in LA, Meghan Markle, and Harry don’t seem to regret their old lives. Quite the contrary! For several months, they have been drowning in projects.

In 2019, the couple also signed a golden contract with Netflix. But also “Spotify”. If Harry hit the jackpot while working for an American start-up, Doria Ragland’s daughter is no exception.

Indeed, Meghan Markle has just published a children’s book “The Bench ” … which will certainly be a bestseller! In short, everything smiles in the Sussexes. At least for the moment … To be continued!

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