Meghan Markle did it! She permanently cut off Prince Harry from his family

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, although they left the British royal family, still arouse great interest. It was also not diminished by the ex-princely couple’s move to the other side of the ocean. It also turns out that Meghan and Harry are not going to return to Harry’s family. Meghan does not want to, but Harry was prevented from doing so.

The National Enquirer said Prince Harry could not return to Britain, even if he wanted to. Reason? Apparently Meghan Markle took over the entire family’s finances. What’s more, the portal’s informant also states that Meghan is so careful about the family funds that Prince Harry, when buying a birthday present for his wife, had to … borrow money from a friend! He did not want to spoil the surprise for his beloved. However, this is not the end. Prince Harry seems to accept his wife’s new terms.

In addition, the portal quoted the opinion of experts who, seeing Meghan’s behavior (for example during an interview with Oprah Winfrey), stated that the former actress had a mania for control.

As much as you want to write … Harry if you need help, blink three times!

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