Meghan Markle did not make the promised donation to the foundation

Meghan Markle has been involved in charity for years. Last year, she was supposed to donate her salary to the organization Botswana Elephants Without Bordersbut has not yet done so. What happened to the money?

Meghan Markle from an early age she has been associated with show business. Her father was a cinematographer who worked, among others, on emergence The world according to Bundych. Inspired by his activities, she began studies at Northwestern University School of Communication in Easton, majoring in theater and international relations. Before graduating, she made her debut in the series City hospital. Already in 2005, she received a role in the film Just like lovewhere she appeared at the side Ashton Kutcher. However, it gained the greatest popularity thanks to the format In suits, in which she played the role of Rachel Zane – an ambitious assistant dreaming of a legal career.

Her life so far has changed a lot after she met Prince Harrywith which she was united by a passionate feeling. The couple became engaged in November 2017 and their wedding took place at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. A year later, they welcomed their first child into the world – Archiewho became an older brother a few months ago. Him Lilibet came into the world, the lovers decided to resign from the function of the royal family and they moved to the United States.

Markle has been involved in social activities for many years and supports numerous charities. In 2020, she was to donate her salary to a Botswana-based organization. Who did the money she earned go to?

Has Meghan Markle donated the remuneration to the organization Botswana Elephants Without Borders?

Meghan not only appeared on the glass screen, but also dubbed characters in popular productions. In 2020, she became the narrator of the document Elephantswhich was produced by Disneynature. For her contribution to this work, she requested the production to donate $ 3 million to the organization Botswana Elephants Without Bordersthereby resigning from his salary.

The organization was very loud about the fact that Disney Nature and the Disney Conservation Fund have repeatedly supported the activity Botswana Elephants Without Borders. There was even an entry on the official Facebook profile, in which Meghan was thanked for her contribution to the film, because thanks to him, more people will pay attention to elephants.

Thank you Meghan because you make this movie convey knowledge and information to a global audience, which in turn brings them closer to elephants. The impact will be global, reaching schools, more homes and more countries, it wrote.

The noble gesture of Prince Harry’s wife was appreciated by the public, however, after some time Angela Levin, who is a royal biographer, noted that the money most likely did not go to the organization’s account.

Disney has promised $ 3 million will go to a charity for making Meghan Markle the narrator of the documentary. The producer said the amount went to the Duchess of Sussex and it seems the charity did not receive the amount, Levin wrote on Twitter.

However, it has never been confirmed that the aforementioned donation was made to the account of the organization. Disney Nature and Markle are silent on this matter. So what happened to the money? Rather, we will not find out.

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