Meghan Markle does not appear at the palace. Already know why?

Meghan Markle does not appear at the palace. We’ve read about many reasons before, but the tabloid brings the answer. It is simple and very sad.

Meghan and Harry they have been living in the United States for over a year. While the prince was already returning to England, his wife had not left America. Since Markle moved to the US, she hardly ever shows up in public. When she celebrated her 40th birthday, she prepared a surprise for her fans. She posted a funny video that she created with the comedian, Mellissa McCarthy. The ladies recorded a sketch in which Harry’s wife reveals her plans for the day (we wrote more here).

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Officially, Meghan has not yet flown to England, because she was pregnant first, and now Lilibeth is too small to travel. There have been rumors that this is set to change in September. According to the latest tabloid reports, Markle will not appear in the palace. The reason is sad.

Why doesn’t Meghan Markle appear at the palace?

According National Enquirer Queen Elizabeth has ordered Markle to be banned for life from entering the royal lands, but this does not include Prince Harry. The informant said that the monarch ordered a videoconference, during which she bluntly told her grandson’s wife:

You are not family!

Queen Elizabeth was furious at first about the book Finding Freedomwhich, according to the tabloid, was created with the blessing of Harry and Meghan, even though they both denied it in a statement.

Then it only got worse. After leaving the royal family and a series of confidences, led by an interview for Oprah Winfrey, the Sussexs were completely immersed in the eyes of the aged monarch. The interview in which they revealed how unhappy they were in England did not convince everyone. Tabloids pointed out their inaccuracies, and many fans of the royal family lost their heart to them. Elizabeth II was not fooled either, who is convinced that all that happened, which shook the image of the monarchy, was the act of the American woman. Hence the categorical ban on Meghan from appearing in the palace. Sad.

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